Our collaborative, highly credentialed team sits on your side of the table as a caring and concerned partner. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals we are also committed to the highest standards of conduct, competency and ethics. We are proud of our proactive investment management style and continually optimize your plan and conduct regular reviews of your portfolio.


What are theEthical Duties of CFP® Professionals?



Schedule with Brian

A fascination with investments is what brought me into this industry, but it’s the relationship with our clients and my coworkers that keeps me motivated and fulfilled.

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Schedule with Terra

I love getting to know our clients through their stories, experiences, and unique circumstances. By better understanding them, I'm able to better serve as a guide through life's many, and often unexpected, transitions.

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Schedule with Barry

I’m at my best when helping clients gain and maintain financial freedom. The demands of a profession, family and purposeful living are hard to balance. Simplifying a complex financial world is the heart of making it work.   

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Schedule with Shandon

I joined MWG in 2017 after receiving my BS in Financial Planning from UVU. Finding balance between enjoying the present and strategizing for a secure financial future is my favorite part of working with our clients.

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Courtnee Hansen

Office Manager & Client Relationship Specialist



I will most likely be the first voice you hear on the phone and the first person to greet you at our office.  I'm passionate about building long-lasting relationships with our clients and ensuring their satisfaction with our services.

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I've been in the financial services industry since 1998 and my extensive experience in tax provides me with a unique ability to provide investment advice in a tax-efficient manner. I reside and service my clients from our branch in Oregon.

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Alisa Kooyman

Client Relationship Specialist


While at BYU, I found a deep passion for helping others manage their personal resources, and a joy in solving complex problems. My goal is to leave others better than I found them through my work professionally and in my personal life.

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Throughout my career, I've truly believed that nurturing strong client relationships is the key to building lasting partnerships. I take pride in supporting our team’s efforts to help clients achieve their financial goals.

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