Partners & Tools

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Service Partners

Our relationships with experts across a variety of financial disciplines allow us to provide our clients with research and solutions to both routine and highly complex financial situations. When partnering with a service provider, we seriously consider our obligation to constantly seek out the best for our clients.

Your Current Team of Professionals

To assure that we have integrated all aspects of your financial situation, we act as the facilitator or liaison to coordinate efforts with your current:

  • Estate attorney
  • Accountant or Tax Professional
  • Other professional advisors as needed

If you do not already have a team of advisors in place, we are happy to recommend appropriate professionals for you, based on your unique needs and circumstance.

TD Ameritrade

Our firm does not take custody of your investment assets. We partner with TD Ameritrade, a nationally recognized custodian, because we believe they excel in:

  • Quality of service
  • Breadth of service
  • Independence
  • Cost

Although we view them as a long-term partner, our relationship is completely independent and we always consider the best interest of our clients. Click here for direct TD Ameritrade (TDA) Account Access

Insurance and Education Funding

Although we do not receive commissions, we have agreements with several insurance and annuity companies that allow us to offer products our clients’ needs require. Additional arrangements with companies such as TIAA-CREF and Utah's my529 allow us to review and advise on existing accounts that clients may own.

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Third Party Administrators

We work with third party administrators including the American Endowment Foundation and Renaissance who assist with the management and record keeping of legacy accounts such as charitable trusts and donor advised funds.

Dimensional Funds

Fund selection is always based on individual client needs and objectives. As an independent RIA, we utilize a broad range of fund companies for our investment portfolios. Our largest fund family is Dimensional Funds (DFA), which manages investments exclusively through select institutional investors and authorized wealth managers who share their long-term investment approach. We are among only a handful of financial advisors in our area approved to offer their mutual funds. The firm manages broadly diversified funds that employ highly efficient trading techniques, providing consistent risk exposures, lower costs, reduced turnover, and improved tax-efficiency. Click here to see how to Pursue a Better Investment Experience.

Technology Tools

We recognize there is a fine balance between keeping current with ever-changing technologies and keeping client information secure. We work hard to achieve this balance while still providing options for clients to access their information promptly, and with ease.

Personal Wealth Center

We provide each client with their own private website, powered by emX (eMoney), designed to help you keep track of your current account balances, see your overall financial situation, and review your Personalized Financial Plan in a conveniently accessible, secure location with values updated daily. Your site includes a secure document vault, giving you private storage for important documents & files. If needed, you can share selected files in your vault with trusted individuals such as an accountant or attorney. Learn More


Because each investor is unique in their investing experience, appetite for risk, and desire for growth and income from their investments, we tailor your portfolio to your own individual circumstances and attitudes. Riskalyze is a powerful online tool that we use to help quantify your risk tolerance, and then align your risk tolerance with your financial goals.

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