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Since Judy Martin started her career in 1983, we have continued to be guided by the highest principles, always acting in our clients' best interests. You receive the personalized attention you deserve and the unbiased product and service recommendations you need. 

OBJECTIVE:   You receive unbiased advice. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously and do not receive commissions for product or fund recommendations.

COMPETENT:   Your highly credentialed team thinks outside the box to come up with distinct solutions. We use proven principles and practices, and continuously add to our industry education, qualifications and expertise.

ACCESSIBLE:   Your calls are answered by a human! You can contact and meet with us the way that works best for you. Use your online portal to track all your financial details in one place to create personalized reports when and where it is convenient for you.  

FOCUSED:  By listening first, we can then blend your logical and emotional needs to provide multi-dimensional solutions. Your team of financial experts will design a plan that gives you confidence, prepares you to endure market volatility and is focused on your personal goals.

PERSONALIZED:  We honor your unique circumstances and emotional attitudes toward money. All of your details are considered to create and implement a comprehensive, thorough plan unique to you.

PROACTIVE:  You can relax knowing that your team of professionals truly care. We conduct regular reviews of your portfolio and continually optimize your plan, not just when you call. 

PRINCIPLED: Our clients trust our honest, candid guidance and advice, across decades and generations.  You will be treated with courtesy, dignity, fairness and respect. Our fees are openly disclosed, as are potential conflicts of interest and your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. 

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