The Bright Side

The Bright Side

| May 31, 2022

It would be difficult finding anyone to refute that it’s been a tough couple of years.  As humans we like routines, traditions, and familiarity.  People often claim they like spontaneity but I’ve met few clients who appreciate negative surprises.  Maybe it’s only enjoyed when it’s your choice and not forced on you.  

Change over a period of time is normal and even expected, but sudden deviations can be difficult to process.  We hunker down and often worry about the unknown. I could list all the rapid fluctuations we’ve experienced over the last two years but we’ve all lived them.  All ten of my fingers were up as I was counting what first came to my mind, and I’m sure you can easily identify more. 

There is much uncertainty today, yet uncertainty has always been here.  Today, our lens often tilts to the negative and we have a hard time seeing the positive. Life can do that. When things are going well, we like to believe it will continue forever, and when it’s not, it’s easy to expect even more problems. Heck, even when things are going “too well,” I often mentally prepare myself for something bad to happen. Worry seems to come easy. 

However, there ARE many good things today.  We just may need to shift our view a bit and take prospective from the “glass half-full” crowd.  

Let’s list a few:

  • Employment is very strong – most of us could find a replacement job in a hurry.
  • Wages are increasing.
  • If you’ve owned your house for a few years, you’ve experienced significant appreciation.
    • It’s possible that even your used car has gone up in value!
  • We’re beginning to earn some interest – Finally.
    • Did you see I-Bonds are paying 9.62%?!
    • Treasury bonds with a 1-year maturity are paying around 2%.
  • Stock valuations are starting to make some sense – investors are back to assessing value more realistically.
    • Company cash-flows and profits finally matter again.
  • Those silly non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have finally crashed!  Let’s hope they’re gone for good.
  • People have been going on vacations, with many more planned.
  • Parties and having dinner with friends are options again!
  • Holidays and other traditions are being spent with family.
  • Health can be a fickle beast. If you have it, you have just about everything important.
  • I’m off to Canada to do some fishing next week, and a client recently reminded me the pike will be much bigger now, after taking a two-year reprieve from being caught! 😊

Have a wonderful Summer and from one skeptic to another, hang-in-there.... there are brighter days ahead.